Sat 17 October, 5pm, Easton Community Centre, Bristol

You and Your Work is back! Hurrah! This time we've teamed up with Groundwork South West in order to provide an even bigger event. Get ready for yet another installment bursting with an exciting blend of theatre, performance and live art, delicious world food prepared by Refugee Women of Bristol and eclectic live music.

YaYW7 brings you outstanding contemporary performance, live art and interventions from the most promising local and national emerging artists and companies.

Artist showing at this event are: Ania Bas, Lee Campbell, Fiskulturnik, Taylan Halici, Ewelina Kolaczek, Michelle & Sebastian, Jacky Puzey, Kate Rowles and Rhiannon Chaloner with the Refugee Women of Bristol.

Take part in two new artworks specifically commissioned by YaYW. Shade - Home, a site-specific performance for an audience of ten people by local artist Jacky Puzey and an arts project facilitated by Rhiannon Chaloner with the Refugee Women of Bristol and Kurdish artists Taban Othman and Shula.

About the artists

Lee Campbell will be staging Careful Whisper, the largest attempt of chinese whispering ever seen in the South West, involving audience members and a broad section of the inhabitatnts of Easton, in what will be an exciting yet truly collaborative and inclusive artwork. Lee is hoping to break the world record for the longest line of chinese whispers and you, the audience can help him!

Rhiannon Chaloner has been working with the Refugee Women of Bristol since April 2009 in order to create a series of artworks which explore the significance of 'making' in relation to personal interpretations of identity and home. YaYW7 sees the culmination of this work and the importance of relationships made and strengthened within the group. The work includes 24 Belongings as well as a collaborative installation, Real Life (a series of digital images) by Rhiannon Chaloner and Kurdish visual artist Shula and a new video work by Kurdish actress Taban Yassein Othman.

Jacky Puzey presents Shade-Home, an intimate evening of food, performance and textile, a small piece of shared culture in a private house in Easton. Shade is a project about influence and exchange, beautifully tailored suits acting as passports, dressing to pass across borders, traditiona nd identity. The event will start at the community centre with an opportunity for audience members to become participants.

Taylan Halici's Introduction to Floodlondon uses live action and recorded audio to create an experience for its audience that extends beyond the spatial and temporal limits of the space.

Ania Bas presents Special Offer: Buy/Sell Your Language, a language platform where people can sell and buy languages on location in the form of 5-10 minute long lessons - trade your language or purchase a new one.

Ewelina Kolaczek will be performing Cutting (Switch Performance) A performance of a personal ritual for an intimate audience - memories of cutting away, cutting off from...the moment of decision. Ewelina is an artist and curator creating potent immersive spaces often asking you to do difficult things with her and/or to her, consenting or dissenting you always have a choice.

Bristol based performance duo Michelle & Sebastian debut their new show I've had enough of this life of worry in which friends of the departed find a diary while sorting through his things. As they pack his belongings they recall the person he was and in doing that, reveal many hopes and fears about their own lives.

Artist and filmaker Kate Rowles will present two films from Home Video Series, an exploration of the genre of Home Video and its ability to reveal the way in which family members engage with each other through circumstance.
Home and Away focuses on the intimacy of the parent / child relationship and the role soap opera plays in depicting domestic life. The Changing of the Guards playfully positions the family as guardians of one's own house and heritage.

Yugo Yoga is a live art participatory performance by Fiskulturnik that fuses elements of communist public sculpture, socialist realist propaganda, new age philosophies and yoga. The poses of communist heroic sculptures are juxtaposed with Eastern body practices in an ironic yet affectionate way. The viewers are asked to be active participants rather than passive observers and the communication happens through an act of embodiment creating with each performance a unique collective experience.

With its emphasis on social as well as artistic exchange YaYW7 will also play host to live music and a wide range of world food. To compliment the event, local outdoor social event and skills swap, the Corner Garden will take place at the same time as the festival just along from the Easton Community Centre and inside Firstborn Creatives will be screening some short local community films.

You and Your Work places risk-taking and experimental high quality work by emerging artists within a diverse community context and sets the challenge of awakening curiosity and engaging new audiences to new work.

YaYW7 is funded by the National Lottery throguh Arts Council England, Groundwork South West and Quartet Community Foundation, Grassroots Grant.

YaYW7 is a free non-ticketed event which begins at 5pm on Saturday 17 October 09 at Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6AW.